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Administrator Page
Encryption: Traffic to the Intelligence Server.
  No encryption
Browser caching:   Prevent browser from caching content on the client  
Diagnostics:   Include exception information in the page source.  
  Include request information in the page source.  
  Override unhandled Intelligence Server error messages  Handled errors are defined on errors.xml
  Include time stamp in error message  
URL:   Session information is included on the URL.  
User Input Filtering: Allow HTML Output in:
       Project description and project header
       Object description.
       Prompt titles and descriptions.
       Metric values.
       Print header and footer. This setting will allow users to execute script in the browser.
       Exported text in plain text of CSV formats.
       Graph tooltips
       Custom message for 'No data returned'
  Allow JavaScript Execution for Report Services Documents Hyperlinks  
Login:   Allow automatic login if session is lost.  
  Allow users to change expired password  
  Allow autocomplete.  Disabling autocomplete is not supported by some browsers.
  Create new HTTP session upon login.  
  Allow users to log in by including their user ID and password in the URL  
Preferences:   Allow users with the 'Web administration' privilege to change project default preferences on all projects.  
MicroStrategy Library configuration:
Secret Key:Used to allow sharing sessions between MicroStrategy Web and MicroStrategy Library
Other:   Prevent clickjacking by adding a frame-breaking script to pages  
  Prevent clickjacking by adding an X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN header to page responses